keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2018

EVS-vapaaehtoinen saapui: Mingchen on täällä - Mingchen is here!

Konneveden 4H-yhdistys ry on saanut Erasmus+ -rahoituksen vapaaehtoistyöntekijän työllistämiseksi. EVS-vapaaehtoistyöntekijä saapui Konnevedelle marraskuussa 2018. EVS tulee sanoista European Voluntary Service.

Vapaaehtoisen työjakso Konnevedellä kestää helmikuun 2019 loppuun. Vapaaehtoisemme on kiinalainen Mingchen He ja hän saapuu meille Unkarista. Vapaaehtoinen voi työskennellä 4H-yhdistyksen lisäksi myös Konneveden kunnan ja sidosryhmiemme palveluksessa.

Lähde mukaan Mingchenin seikkailuun Suomessa ja seuraa Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksen blogia!


Ensimmäinen työviikko Konnevedellä 8.11.-18.11.2018 - First week at Konnevesi


I am Mingchen, currently doing my PhD program in Hungary. As I had spent most of time on my professional study, I realized some limitations of my perspective, then started learning something else from other fields and thinking what kind of life I should have and what sort of job should I do (even though I have been studying medicine for 11 years). At the time, I also start paying attention to social problems. Of course, only thinking is not enough,through the experiences of quite a few activities focusing on individual to national level I joined, I found it will be a meaningful job working with youngster, as they could represent the future of our society/countries.

Because volunteer work is something people don’t need think financially, it is more about how do people deal with works from the bottom of heart. European Volunteer Service (EVS) provides numerous chances with different activities for the youngster. As I have the plan working with youngsters in the future, that is why I would like to be a volunteer through EVS to accumulate related experience.

Before joining this program, I joined another one-month volunteer project in Finland, it was a really good memory for me. At the time,there was a lake nearby the place I stayed. I went to there every now and then by sitting beside the lake alone,which made my heart so peaceful. After finishing that project, I thought it will be nice to stay longer to explore more about Finland.

Now here I am. As there was a problem with my residence permit issueI didn’t arrived to Konnevesi on timeBut thankfully, we(with 4H) managed it together. Before arriving to Konnevesi, Heli had already found mentors (families) to help me to adapt to the new environment, and arranged different volunteer works for me. I really appreciate these.

When I arrived to the railway station in Jyväskylä, Heli and Erika were already there waiting for me, then we came back to Konnevesi. When we arrived to Konnevesi, the sky was already dark, it made me surprised that the time was less than 4 pm. As I was in Finland this May, at that time, the sky seemingly like never get dark, I could still remember I sat on the beach at 10 pm with the bright sky. I have to say Finland is a magic land.

This photo was taken at 22:14 of May 8th 2018 in Finland.

The first working day, Heli guided me to the different departments of municipality to connect me to the people I may need work with in the near future. She expected me to remember most people’s name the next day,but I have to say it is really challengeble for me to remember Western names - Heli want's to say that it was only sarcasm! 👀

In the afternoon, we visited different clubs,which was beyond my mind, although Konnevesi is not big, but full of opportunities for the youngsters to approach, range from entertainment to entrepreneurship, you name it. What’s more, even though living in a rural area -- low density residential zone, people can still find the common space in the village to meet their social needs, like training their skills or doing social activities. Maybe there are not many participants to join, but it let me feel there is always a place being ready for the people would like to spend their time outside of home.

In the earlier this week, we visited three schools (two of them are in the village,one is in our “city”) and Day care. I have known Finland has one of the world's best education systems long time ago, so I am always excited to get to know how students spend their time in school. As it was just short stay in there (I will spend more time in these schools later on), but I have found Finnish students have much more time for play than I imagined. For the schools in the village, because of the small number of students, normally, different grades will be combined into one class. I couldn't help thinking of the memory of 100 students in one class when I was in high school. Anyway, the students are very active, curious and energetic. It was very nice experience to talk to them, and answered their questions. What impressed me most was that the students in the preschool, first and second grade group have very good eating behavior. It was so touching to see the little girl/boy using cleaning cloth clean the table after eating.

In the Day care, the kids are very independent. Although they aged from 3 to 5, when the outdoor time comes, they can put on their clothes, shoes and gloves in “a professional way”. I was worried to losing my job there. Another thing I have to say is good discipline, as we organized them to go to forest to play on that day, which need them stand in a line to move there, they kept the line very well, and without asking for assistance on the way to the top. In a nutshell, the small actions always bring me endless deeply impression here.

Christmas is coming!

4H association organized Pre-Christmas Party for the members on Friday evening (16.11.2018). The active members volunteered in the Municipality Center preparing for foods and logistic works, but it will also benefit for them in the long term I am sure. It seems to me that the government is always somewhere hard to approach. In here, Konnevesi, local government not only contribute to deal with public affairs,but also create a harmonious environment for inhabitants to be involved in my view.

When everybody here are waiting for the snow to come. On Saturday,we have gotten a sunny day eventually. It looks much better than the last several days, the world immediately got brighter J

I felt so lucky, as my mentor Ulla-Mari was planning to show me around in the nature nearby, I am a nature lover. Every moment with peace I cherish so much, maybe because I used to live in the places full of people around. After that, we headed to join the activity held by hunting group, I had the chance to taste moose meat over there (although I still have no idea what does moose exactly looks like). On the same table, I got to know Keijo, who was one of the volunteers building the “hunting house” we all were staying, yes,volunteer again, haha. He also introduced the history of “hunting house” for us afterwards.

Stay tuned…

Cheers J


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