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Kyläkouluihin tutustumista ja kirpputoreja - Mingchenin kokemuksia Konnevedellä

Konneveden 4H-yhdistys ry on saanut Erasmus+ -rahoituksen vapaaehtoistyöntekijän työllistämiseksi. EVS-vapaaehtoistyöntekijä saapui Konnevedelle marraskuussa 2018. EVS tulee sanoista European Voluntary Service.

Vapaaehtoisen työjakso Konnevedellä kestää helmikuun 2019 loppuun. Vapaaehtoisemme on kiinalainen Mingchen He ja hän saapui meille Unkarista. Vapaaehtoinen voi työskennellä 4H-yhdistyksen lisäksi myös Konneveden kunnan ja sidosryhmiemme palveluksessa.


 I spent few days in the Hytölä school and Istunmäki school this month. As they are located in the village,the school size are relatively small, compared to Lapunmäki school. But it let me feel closer with the students there. The pupils are adorable, friendly and full of curiosity. Although there was a language barrier, it didn’t influence us to understand each other. They are not just curious about the stories from me, also would like to share their talented skills with me, like gymnastic skills J. As there is no separate dining room for people to have meal, classrooms are turned into dining room which give students and teachers more time to stay together, and helps to reduce the sense of distance between teacher and student. Anyway, I like the harmonious teacher-student relationship in the village schools.

For the break time, we played games together in the field,f rom playing football to sliding down from icy slope, which recalled my memory from  childhood. As the Christmas is approaching, the pupils were preparing for the Christmas party held by school. They invited me to watch their rehearsal in their classroom, where were chock-full of happiness and vitality, it was a pity that I couldn’t join them in that evening. Before leaving, in Istunmäki school, I joined the pupils to assist them to make a mini house out of their prepared gingerbread. And in Hytölä school, I joined their voluntary cooking activity in the kitchen after school to cook some traditional Finnish foods. It is not difficult to imagine that Finnish are good at cooking J.
In addition,thanks Janiela and Hilma giving me these portraitsJ

In a nutshell, it was amazing experience with pupils in the village schools. Actually, it help me spark an idea to work as a teacher. Working with this lovely group of people, it worth all the efforts.

Apart from school, I also visited nursing home, which gave me some impressions from the other side. I still remember the first time, I got the virtually conception with nursing home was about two years ago. My Danish friend shared her family story with me that when her parents need others taking care of them, they will go to stay in nursing home, because they are more professional, she just need visit them now and then. I was confused about this thought at the time. As in my country, there is a strong family bond between children and parents (sometimes it goes too muchL), and it is the children’s responsibility to taking care of their parents who get old.People need more emotional connection.

Now I have better understanding, despite in the nursing home people may miss their home/family, but they can work together to make the place with the atmosphere feel like home. This May, my Finnish friend told me the loneliness is a big problem for the elderly in Finland. In the nursing home, people seems living in a small community, during the meal time or coffer time, people will gather together in the dinning room, having the meal together and talking to each other, even joining some activities together to make the life colorful, for example sing together or some visitors come here to give a performances for the elderly to enrich their life, which is fantastic for the mental health. Here I want to introduce my “Finnish teacher”— Helmi, she is 100 years old, will turns 101 next month, but she could stay young at heart. Although we can’t communicate in Finnish or English, her positive energy can always beyond the language barrier. Sometimes she taught me with Finnish pronounce, and end up with my clumsy way J. Happy to see they have good life there. Certainly, the workers in nursing home contribute a lot for the daily caring.

What’s more, I also visited a second hand shop here last weekend, and I was suddenly in awe of them when I learnt about the story behind of this shop. The owner of the shop is a doctor who volunteered in Africa years ago, after that she didn’t stop providing assistance, which has lasted 20.5 years. When I visited there, the owner’s parents were working there, and friendly provided free tea/coffee and cakes for the consumers. It is easy to perform a good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions. I love this land, because there are so many golden heart people.

Mingchen J

Mingchen He työskentelee Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksessä vapaaehtoistyöntekijänä marraskuusta 2018 helmikuulle 2019. Mingchen, tutummin Minski, kertoo työviikoistaan ja kokemuksistaan Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksen blogissa.