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Joulupukkeja ja kulttuurieroja - Mingchenin ensimmäinen kuukausi Konnevedellä

Konneveden 4H-yhdistys ry on saanut Erasmus+ -rahoituksen vapaaehtoistyöntekijän työllistämiseksi. EVS-vapaaehtoistyöntekijä saapui Konnevedelle marraskuussa 2018. EVS tulee sanoista European Voluntary Service.

Vapaaehtoisen työjakso Konnevedellä kestää helmikuun 2019 loppuun. Vapaaehtoisemme on kiinalainen Mingchen He ja hän saapui meille Unkarista. Vapaaehtoinen voi työskennellä 4H-yhdistyksen lisäksi myös Konneveden kunnan ja sidosryhmiemme palveluksessa.


This time I would like to start writing about schooling in Finland, which I was curious about. Before heading to the school to see the pupils, I had talked with Finns about the most respected jobs here. It was proved that teacher is absolutely on the list of best jobs in Finland, which provide the guarantee of enough fresh blood to keep the Finnish educational system at world class level.

During the last few weeks, I had gotten the chances to visit different classes in Lapunmäki School and do some breaktime activities for the students. The first impression for me is the courses students involved in are very practical. For example, The Home Economics, which seems like one of the most popular courses in the school. As a compulsory course for the 7th students, and an optional one for the 8th and 9th students, this course provide the students with the chance to learn culinary skills they could practice for life. I felt regretful that I didn’t have this course when I was at their ages, otherwise I could have taken care of myself and others much better J

Although I have been cooking on my own quite often recent years (There is no choice L,under the condition of living alone), but still not a good cook. It is “safe” way to observe them to practice their cooking skills. To make the class a little bit different, I introduced the Chinese culinary culture (including how to use chopsticks) and shared some snacks/tea from my country. We continued the activities at Kukkula youth house on evening time.

By the way, woodworking course is another interesting one,students could boost their creativity through using different tools.

What’s more, there is nothing special with Lapunmäki School looking from appearance at first sight, but from the inside, the high-tech teaching methods gave me a surprise. When a school equipped with tablets for students, big touchscreen for the classrooms, cloud platform for education involving everyone in the school, I have to say the digital era brings the conveniences people couldn’t imagine years ago. Of course, it could not happen without the support from the municipality.

Konnevesi is a small town, but it doesn’t mean there must be a boring life staying here. People can find quite a few activities/interesting clubs to join easily, which is even more approachable than the big cities I was living. The only issue is sometimes people lack of interest/passion to join, but I can understand usually people get used to stay in the comfort zone, me either J

Youth house seems always a popular place for the youngster to have fun, every time I visited there, there were always a bunch of people. Besides that, I also took part in the cooking club, hobby craft night and Christmas Opening Event (can’t believe half inhabitants of Konnevesi did join, amazing!) 
By the way, I met a real Santa Claus here for the first time in my life, at beginning I wrongly though someone from the local dressed up as Santa Claus. Please forgive my un-professionalism, but I felt how important is Santa Claus to Finnish people.

Sirkkamäessä Mingchen tapasi ihka oikean Joulupukin!


Stay tuned J


Mingchen He työskentelee Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksessä vapaaehtoistyöntekijänä marraskuusta 2018 helmikuulle 2019. Mingchen, tutummin Minski, kertoo työviikoistaan ja kokemuksistaan Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksen blogissa.

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