keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2019

Pakkastalven huumaa, digitaitoja ja pulkkamäkiä

Konneveden 4H-yhdistys ry on saanut Erasmus+ -rahoituksen vapaaehtoistyöntekijän työllistämiseksi. EVS-vapaaehtoistyöntekijä saapui Konnevedelle marraskuussa 2018. EVS tulee sanoista European Voluntary Service.

Vapaaehtoisen työjakso Konnevedellä kestää helmikuun 2019 loppuun. Vapaaehtoisemme on kiinalainen Mingchen He ja hän saapui meille Unkarista. Vapaaehtoinen voi työskennellä 4H-yhdistyksen lisäksi myös Konneveden kunnan ja sidosryhmiemme palveluksessa.


Lumikenkäilyä Marjan perheen luona.
During the Christmas time, I visited Seinäjoki and Tampere. Seinäjoki is not a big city. Unlike most other Finnish cities, there are not many lakes around city. But still I found a lake nearby the local central hospital. Walking around lakes and having some peaceful time by just sitting by the lakeside are my favorite things to do. Of course, because the weather was chiily, I couldn’t sit there still. I chose to have a walk. Soon I realized that lake is an artificial one after talking with the local. I didn’t check out what is the real reason behind digging this lake, let me just assume lake has an crucial position in Finnish people’s heart. Until backing to Konnevesi, I got to know Seinäjoki is called “Strawberry Town”. I guess the lake also plays an important role in the water supply for the growth of strawberry J. And Tampere is bigger than I imaged. I am not doing to write in detail, as I was more like a tourist.  

Maijan perheen luona perinteisiä suomalaisia ruokia.
Last few weekends, I visited my mentors - Marja’s family and Maija’s family, I had gotten the chance for first time to try snowshoeing, what’s more, first time to walking on a lake equipped with them. Even though that day was an extremely cold, it was a fabulous experience. I also visited a cinema (which seems the only one within Konnevesi?). At the beginning, I was worried if there are enough audiences to watch out there, as it is located in the small village, but soon I cleared up the doubt by talking to the one of owner there, who had started that business since he was 12 years old. What an unbelievable story. I tried to recall my memory backing to my age of 12, I am the boy who used to be excited for whole day for watching an open-air movie. In addition, I learnt how to cook some Finnish dishes and dessert from Maija. Margit also visited me to visit her family, and shared their stories with me, the most amazing thing to be here for me is getting to know how people live their life here and how this big community works.  

Laskiaispullia, nam!

There was one day in the Lapunmäki school, which is called “Digi Open” (not sure if it is right), which is part of a national program including several Universities. Pedagogical students in University of Jyväskylä joined with the teachers in Lapunmäki school to apply some digital methods to help students for learning, like Typing practice, Swedish language study and so on. It was nice to visit there quickly!

Kyllä hätä keinot keksii!
Finland should be one of the best places for the winter sports. People start skiing at a very early age, even though there are not many mountains. But the heavy snow can make skiing a sport easy to operate. As you can see, there are so many things for me to have a first try, skiing is also a new sport for me to join, although I have watched it on TV many times, it always looks far away from my life, as a person living the places with a little snow. Frankly, it looks very easy to get speed to move forward, but I ended up like a snail. Obviously, there must be something wrong with my skiing skills L. Furthermore, I have to mention sled ride, with mates of international club, we had a sled ride on the hill. I had seen the kids in daycare playing with sled, but never tried it by myself before. The experience proved that sled ride is an very interesting, not just for the kids. Although I didn’t prepare well for clothing ,and have to use the plastic bags wrapping my shoes, this sled ride did bring me to the childhood with a great joy.

Stay tuned,

Mingchen J

Mingchen He työskentelee Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksessä vapaaehtoistyöntekijänä marraskuusta 2018 helmikuulle 2019. Mingchen, tutummin Minski, kertoo työviikoistaan ja kokemuksistaan Konneveden 4H-yhdistyksen blogissa.

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